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Rikki Don't Lose That Number - website bonus track!  Also:  VIDEO

Wichita Lineman - new website bonus track!

Things We Said Today

And I Love Her

You Won't See Me

If I Fell

No Reply

I Will

You Can't Do That

Nowhere Man

Perhaps Love

Bad To Me

World Without Love

Traveling Man

Didn't Expect To Fall

On A Park Bench


Make Your Day

I sure WISH I had time and resource to produce a really great, perfect album of songs that I like to play solo.  Since THAT is not very likely to happen anytime soon, I decided to move ahead with this Plan B.  My pals Bob and Chuck and I did some recording during our college winter breaks back in the early 70's, and then after college in the mid 70's we pressed on, and in fact, my song MAKE YOUR DAY, above, is a recording I made in 1976 on my old Teac Reel To Reel, with four tracks, my Martin, and a Shure microphone.

Fast forward to 1999... after a nice session with The Others (10 years earlier) making our ON THE WAY HOME album, the thought came to me to sit down and record myself some favorite Beatle songs, just me and a couple of guitars.  I'd been playing these songs for years, and one weekend I knocked out the eight songs above, arranging and making up parts as I went along.  My approach was to sing the main vocal and play rhythm guitar for track one, and then add harmony and other guitar parts on the other three tracks available on my Tascam multi track cassette recorder, son of the long sold Teac.  I threw in a little tambourine, cowbell and a cardboard box on a few songs - pitiful excuse for percussion!  The results are far from perfect, but they'll do - me doing some Beatles, an even split of John and Paul songs.

A nod of appreciation to Bob for including me on his own recordings of a couple of Lennon - McCartney tunes sung by other artists.  I'll always remember walking into his house and him handing me a page of lyrics, "here, sing this" - one take later and that's the first and only time I've EVER sung BAD TO ME!  I THINK that's me playing the 12-string on WORLD WITHOUT LOVE, not 100% sure...

PERHAPS LOVE is a great John Denver song tribute to his father, and I have respectfully sung it for fallen friends and family over the years.

TRAVELING MAN!  My first tribute to the great Ricky Nelson - I now play all of his hits...

Closing out this collection are MY first recordings of my original compositions.

ENJOY, and thanks for listening - MRO

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